Individually wrapped cleansing towel size M. Bag of 6 Towels.
4 December, 2015
Tube Refill. 24 Cleansing Towels size S + 1 Tube.
4 December, 2015
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25 Individually Wrapped Towels Size S.


Ideal for Home/ Beauty Salon/ Travel/ Sports/ Child Care/ Gym/ Tennis/ Running/ Golf.

Cleansing Towel
– Size: S
– 0.8 in Diameter
– 8.6 in X 9.4 in
– Candy Pack
– Bag Qty. 25


Ideal for home, beauty salon, travel, sports, child care, gym, tennis, running, golf.
Ezywipe. Individually wrapped compressed towels, 100% Rayon, fully absorbent, cleans, refreshes. Hypoallergenic, biodegradable certified. 100% safe for you and your family.
WARNING: Keep away from children.

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