Cleansing Towel in a Tube with 8 pcs
4 December, 2015
Cleansing Towel uncompressed. Box with 60 pcs.
4 December, 2015
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Multipurpose Cleaning Cloth Extra Large. Bag with 3 cloths.


Ideal for House/ Kitchen/ Cleaning any surface/ Lint free.

Non-Compressed Cleaning Cloths
– Size: Extra Large
– 15.75 in X 23.6 in
– Assorted Colors
– Bag Qty. 3


Ideal for the entire home. Extra strong to tackle dirt and grease, great for dishes, sinks, counter tops, tiles walls and more.
Ezywipe Multiuse Cleaning Cloth. Ideal to clean any surface lint free, wash and reuse it many times, it will not trap or retain any odor or germs. It is unlike any other cleaning cloths you have ever used. Ezywipe cleaning cloth really works! 100% Rayon, fully absorbent, 100% safe for you and your family.
WARNING: Keep away from children.

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